A Guide to Testosterone Injections

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Testosterone injections are becoming increasingly popular among those who are looking to increase their levels of this vital hormone.

Indeed, injectable testosterone is one of the most cost effective methods out of the available testosterone replacement therapies. Moreover, the injections are easily administered (by either the doctor or yourself), and then you're all set for a few weeks.

Besides needing to administer the testosterone, you'll need to purchase the proper equipment you'll need to inject the hormone. The actual medication itself comes in 10cc bottles -- one of which will last you around 15 weeks, if you're using the regular dosage of 200mg. The cost of one of these bottles? Around ten dollars.

Just how easy are they to use? Unlike testosterone patches, where you must go through the ordeal of shaving your scrotum and then applying the patch using a blow dryer, you simply have to give yourself a shot. The vast majority of doctors will teach their patients how to administer the shot properly, making your job that much easier.

Testosterone injections

Another benefit of using injectable testosterone is that you only have to administer the shot once every two or three weeks. Compare that to the testosterone patch -- which you generally must change every 24 hours, or to orally taken pills -- which you have to take several of every day, and it seems like testosterone injections are the way to go.

However, before you conclude injections are indeed best, understand that it has its fair share of negatives as well.

There are all the little downsides of having to give yourself a shot, which can be painful and can leave muscles sore near the site of injection; even worse is the emotional swings you may feel.

Think of a "Mountain/Valley" metaphor.

Meaning, when you first get the injectable testosterone, you're getting a highly concentrated dose of this hormone right into your body. Because of that, your testosterone levels will be high for the first few days after the injection.

You'll more than likely experience a significant boost of energy, increased sexual desire, more assertiveness, and better mood.

However, because you're taking one highly concentrated dose, it may also raise your aggressiveness, and leave you more prone to mood swings - a very alarming combination.

We just described the mountain part of the metaphor.

Now for the valley. The valley is not fun. Like all things, what goes up must come down. A week or so after the initial boost of testosterone, your levels of the hormone will begin to taper off.

You'll begin to feel lethargic, have less sexual desire, and your high spirits may drop drastically.

The valley logically is at its worst the days before your next injection because your testosterone levels may have fallen off by then quite a bit.

Does this mountain/valley syndrome happen to everyone? No, it doesn't. The only way to know is to consult your physician who will monitor you. Either way, you'll have to consult your doc if you want him to prescribe you testosterone injections.

The point here is that there are pros and cons of any of the available testosterone replacement therapies.

Although testosterone injections may seem great at first, do research on the other prescription testosterone boosting methods at the resources given below.

In addition, there are even natural ways to boost your testosterone that require no prescription at all.

Learn more about testosterone injections and many other testosterone boosting therapies at http://www.testosterone-booster-guide.com

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